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Herbal Supplements – Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Many of us know that excessive LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the bloodstream can cause oxidation, clog blood vessels and trigger the hardening of the arteries-a certain type of condition known as the atherosclerosis. Meanwhile, an excessive saturated kind of fats and trans fats with the diet likely increases LDL levels which heightens the risk for heart disease. For a person that is overweight or on the fringe of obesity, what can be initially recommended is the conduct of a lipid profile—a set of tests that could help determine the risk of heart disease, particularly assessed through the triglyceride, HDL, and LDL readings obtained from the test. visit the original source for more details.

So, in case the lipid profile reveals elevated LDL cholesterol, what treatments can be prescribed? There is a stringent need to balance cholesterol levels (LDL and HDL) inside the body, particularly in sustaining an acceptable LDL record as readings. Practices would likely prescribe medication on statin drugs, but if you’re on the lookout for alternative treatments to regulate LDL and HDL cholesterol, you need to know that there are a number of options at your disposal.

Sap extracts of the Gugulipid shrub have been observed to lower cholesterol levels in the body, a medicinal benefit that is attributive of its active compounds called Guggulipid. Used in the practice of Ayurveda for many centuries, the Guggul herb is now extensively administered to treat heart ailments and other conditions such as obesity and arthritis.

The practice of alternative medicine has recognized the cholesterol-regulating properties of herbs and consequently administered its medicinal extracts as herbal remedy for cholesterol conditions. Among the herbs administered for cholesterol conditions are the Gugulipid and Red Rice Yeast.

Another cholesterol-regulating herbal remedy is the Red Rice Yeast—renowned in traditional Chinese medicine and now clinically proven to increase HDL while lowering LDL and triglyceride. Its compounds have, in fact, been encapsulated and administered to support cardiovascular health.

Match herbal supplementation to lower cholesterol with a nutritious diet that takes in saturated fat, carbohydrates, and proteins in moderation plus a regular cardio routine to strengthen the heart and lungs creates a natural, safe, and effective method of regulating dietary cholesterol and burning the fat while keeping you healthy as well.


Sufferers of elevated HDL can choose to individually supplement with the mentioned herbs or avail of its medicinal benefits through cholesterol-regulating herbal supplements such as Cholesto-Rite. By integrating in its formula the phytochemical properties and mineral nutrients available with Rooibos extracts, these herbal supplements provide the complementary benefits of enhanced metabolism, healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels while aiding the immune system.

There are some easy to find supplements to lower cholesterol levels. You might be surprised to learn that garlic is a wonderful natural supplement for lowering total blood cholesterol levels. It is also known for its blood thinning properties and the fact that it can be easily added to various dishes or taken as a dietary supplement in capsule form makes it easy to obtain. checkout latest updated report at https://guardian.ng/features/health/natural-remedies-for-high-cholesterol-levels/
Alternative and holistic methods of keeping your cholesterol at healthy levels are becoming a popular option and are preferable to some more traditional methods. Holistic natural lower cholesterol is easily achievable if you are concerned about high cholesterol and want to find a natural way to lower it.